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Cooking with Carolina all started a while back.  I have been cooking since I was twelve years of age.  Like most women in my country, we of course start out by helping our mothers in the kitchen. My mom worked in a catering business when my brothers and I were young (I have two brothers and I was the only girl in the house). Naturally she would bring home food that she cooked at work. Since my mom was the head cook, it was her responsibility to plan and prepare all of the food.  She of course would try out new recipes on the family and I would help her in the process.  So, it is safe to say that I did learn quite a bit from my mom. 

As time went by and I was older, I starting to cook on my own.  I would chat with my grandmother, my aunts and their friends to learn more about traditional Dominican cooking. You know how that goes, everyone has their own secret recipes and dishes that they make. My grandmother guarded her recipes like a hawk, but eventually she opened up to me and let me learn about the things her mom had taught her. A lot has changed in the Dominican Republic over the years.  Microwaves, modern stoves and the like have replaced older methods of preparing the family meals.  But, even with these newer conveniences, I still think that old fashioned cooking is best. 

So, how did I get started with the Internet and my own cookbook?  Well, it's kind of a long story, but a fun story. To shorten it a bit, I basically started answering emails and posting replies to questions that people had about Dominican cooking.  I quite  honestly was very surprised at all of the emails I used to get.  I did not know that so many people were interested in creole or Dominican food.  The thing that most people outside my country do not realise is, our cooking is not the same as for example Jamaica or other countries in Latin America.  In fact, there are dishes that have the same name in Columbia, Cuba, Panama or elsewhere - but quite often the style of cooking or even the ingredients can be very different.  

Well, I hope you like the information we have here about food in the Dominican Republic.  You are welcome to come back as often as you like to see some of the new recipies we have posted.  If you have any questions - send me an Email! 

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Dominican Republic Cooking and Food
Creole Spanish Cooking Recipes
Dominican Dishes